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Frances Wittmann Vocal Studio

Vocal Excellence for the Aspiring Singer

Ms. Wittman's Bio
Studio Philosophy
Policies and Fees


My goal as a vocal instructor is to help each person realize their individual vocal potential so that they may pursue the type of singing they desire.  Rather than teaching a specific "technique", I teach about the functionality of the voice.  We strengthen and condition the voice in its entirety.  When you experience this, you will experience a freedom in your voice which will allow you to use it to truly express and communicate the music of your choice.  Singers at all levels benefit from this approach. 


My goal as a vocal instructor is to work with the whole person and not just the voice.  Singing is a psycho-physical act.  We work together to help you develop an awareness of how your mind and body function while singing.


My goal as a vocal instructor is to help you be an effective, spontaneous performer.  With the understanding that the act of singing is a psycho-physical one, we will further explore and enhance the skills of peak-level performing.


Who benefits from my teaching?

       ~beginners:  children, teens, and adults finding their voice for the first time

       ~high school students: preparing NYSSMA solos, auditioning for the school musical, preparing for college auditions

                                         for both musical theatre and classical vocal programs

       ~pre-professional:  getting ready for "the next step" in a singing career, preparing for concerts, auditions and competitions

       ~professionals:  those whose voices aren't functioning with the same ease and comfort as it once did, those wanting

                                to get back in shape, those wanting check-ups between performances 

       ~those preparing for auditions for school and community theatre productions

       ~those dealing with vocal health issues: pre-nodule thickening, nodules, polyps, and cysts

       ~choral singers

       ~singers of classical music (opera, oratorio, art song)

       ~singers of contemporary, popular music




 "If you cannot teach me to fly,

   teach me to Sing."


                                                                                                             ~Sir James Barrie