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Frances Wittmann Vocal Studio

Vocal Excellence for the Aspiring Singer

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“Fran Wittmann is our Voice Teacher at UAlbany and has done a fabulous job with our students.  She has built a thriving program.  Fran is a complete professional and a voice teacher and vocal coach, with vast knowledge of the voice and the repertory.  She is able to diagnose what an individual student’s needs are quickly and accurately.  She is able to achieve great results through a clear course of study and a firm academic hand, yet she is gentle and nurturing at the same time.  Her students – and her colleagues – have great respect for her.”


 ~ David Griggs-Janower

    Director of Choral Music and Professor,

    The University of Albany

    Director, Albany Pro Musica



“I have a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from a fairly-prestigious Liberal-Arts music college, and I've worked with several vocal instructors in my 15+ years of singing.  Of all the professionals with whom I've worked, I feel most privileged to have had Fran as my vocal instructor for more than half of my years of study.  She has an uncanny ability in communicating the physical sensations and the methods of activating and coordinating the muscles necessary to achieve the optimal method of vocal production.  She is able to quickly and accurately diagnose any tension or interference in the vocal mechanism that impedes peak performance.  Her coachings have elicited from me far more expression and feeling than I've been able to achieve under other instructors; she always knows I am capable of more that I think I am, and she has always been persistent in seeing that potential realized in each performance.  She has always encouraged me to bring to each song my own unique personality and style.  Her confidence in my abilities, and her assurance that I'm ready to perform a song (even when I don't feel like I am) is the greatest gift I could have prior to a performance, and I missed it greatly when I worked with other instructors when I was in college.  Further, when she performs, she perfectly exemplifies all of the techniques, depth of commitment to singing and communication of feelings that she seeks to elicit in her students.  In my experience, she is the paragon of excellence in vocal instruction.”


~  Michael Sulzman (Former student)


"Voice Lessons with Fran were a terrific confidence booster for Lauren and introduced her to musical pieces she would otherwise not have learned.  Fran's approach is encouraging,  supportive & challenging. To this day Lauren auditions using music she learned here". 


~  Stephanie Scheibly (Parent)


“Fran has encouraged my daughters to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their singing.  She is a dedicated professional and doesn't accept mediocrity from her students.”


~ Diane Allen (Parent)


"In the four years I worked under Fran Wittman's guidance, I learned more than I had ever before, grew more than I thought was possible, and made a truly wonderful connection with one of the most gifted singers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Fran helped me so much to begin to understand my voice, and more importantly, myself. The lessons that I learned with Fran I will carry with me for years to come."


~ Meaghan Castle, Arcadia University (Former student)